My name is Brandon

About Me

Graduated from Chico State University with a bachelors degree in Marketing. I'm currently looking for a full-time Marketing job in California. I am accomplished in Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords, SEO, and UI Design. I'm a professional with extensive knowledge of the Electronic Entertainment and general Tech Industry. I'm a dedicated Marketer with a wide range of marketing styles. Being a Media and public relations specialist leveraging in-depth knowledge of market trends to execute high-impact marketing campaigns. Along with being Market-savvy dedicated to driving customer satisfaction and product visibility through highly-targeted online and offline marketing strategies experienced in public relations, relationship building and management.

I enjoy helping customers find new fun things to buy and experience with a positive outlook on the tasks at hand. Working in the environment with high tech and electronics has made me realize that my passion for this field of study only continues to grow and with that and my engraved trait of curiosity I hope to continue down this path to more success.

My Skills

Product Marketing
Web Development
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Search Engine Optimization